Residential Garden Maintenance

Need suggestions on how to maintain your garden? Our company provides a variety of garden maintenance options. Our residential garden maintenance service is designed to meet the needs of residential gardens. We have maintenance options that include using organic products, traditional chemical products, and options providing short and long-term solutions. We can make suggestions based on your needs and goals. Our programs are mindful of children and pets and using eco-friendly products and equipment to encourage safe results. Our options also help remedy problems such as weeds and pests. Get in touch with us by scheduling an appointment to learn more information.

Landscape Design (Hardscape & Softscape)

Landscape design hardscape and softscape services are completed by our creative team of registered landscape architect and designers. We have expert installers along with qualified maintenance professionals that will work with you and pay close attention to detail to create your unique landscape. Through our services, your property is custom-made according to your interests and overall vision. Features such as a water garden, retaining wall, or patio can be developed, planned, and executed with proper care.

Tree Care

Keep your property looking great with our tree care service. We can help trim or remove trees as needed. Our service also provides maintenance options to encourage good tree health. Trees properly maintained become an asset to your property. They not only look good, but they respond well to other plant and animal life in the environment. We can address any concerns you have about trees on your property including infestations, dead limbs, and overall tree health. Our company has arborists specialists with years of experience providing great tree care service. Contact us to learn more about our tree care today.

Lawn Care

Lawn care services for your property go beyond watering and cutting the grass. We provide a selection of services to treat your lawn with the best care and attention possible. You can keep your grass looking green and vibrant during fall and spring with care options including fertilizer application, weed control, grub control, seeding, and treatment for shady grass areas for healthy growth. We can test your soil to give additional insight on health and treatment options.

Plant Care

Give your flowers a professional look with our plant care service. We provide options to help you take care of your plants. Our service is great for those who are too busy to tend to their plants. We make sure they get plenty of water and perform maintenance including checking their soil, removing weeds, and clean up edges. Care is provided for indoor and outdoor plants as well as wilted plants. Our service can provide proper care for most types of plants throughout the year. Let us assist with caring for your plants by contacting us today.


Have ideas for a custom patio design? Our patio service can help make your design a reality. Our company provides resources and quality materials to bring any patio design idea to life. Our years of experience have led to a wide variety of design creations for patios. Based on your interests and budget we can create the perfect setting for your space with the patio design you want. We can include oversized umbrellas, awning, and even specific types of plants or trees to give your patio character. Let us help with your patio by scheduling an appointment today.


A fire feature such as an outdoor fireplace is the perfect backyard focal point for your family or guests. Proper maintenance ensures you can enjoy this feature safely for years to come. Our fire pit and fireplace services not only include regular cleaning, but we can assess the setting to help detect problems related to weather such as cracks, crumbs, chipping and other concerns. We can also look for defects related to pilot lighting, gas leaks or back puffing related to wood-burning fireplaces.

Commercial Garden Maintenance

The landscaping of a commercial property plays an important role in making a good first impression to visitors and what it says about your employee staff. We provide a full line of quality commercial garden maintenance services including lawn care, irrigation system treatment, plant care, seasonal landscape services, grounds management year-round, mulching, pruning, trimming, and more. Many businesses have been pleased with our services and appreciate the one-stop shop convenience that meets their landscaping and gardening essentials.

Trees & Flowers Installation

Why plant a tree or flowers when you can hire a professional to do it for you? Our tree and flower installation service has everything you need to get your lawn or garden the unique look you want. Enjoy vibrant colors and excellent views from the curb. Our company helps lawns and gardens obtain value and appeal. We install most plants and trees including shrubs, annuals, and perennials. We provide support for ongoing care and provide tips for maintenance to ensure healthy growth. We have a service guarantee ensuring customers will be satisfied with results.


Mulching has many benefits. For example, mulching can save you money on your water bill because it holds water until your plant needs it. It can also prevent your plants from freezing in the winter. Depending on the size of your project, we can schedule your mulch to be installed in a day or a weekend. All you need to do is call us. We will work with you so that you can get the look that you want.

Sod Installation

We know that a green lawn is the pride of the home owner. A green lawn makes your house more inviting. However, we also know that installing the sod can be overwhelming. That is where we come in. Our team will gladly come and install the sod exactly where you want it. We can even help with you with learning what it will take to keep it growing. Call us to schedule your estimate. We can discuss all the plans that we have so that you can be sure to get the lawn of your dreams.

Lawn Insect Removal

Pests like chinch bugs, and grubs can destroy your lawn in a matter of days. Fire ants leave ugly mounds of dirt all over your lawn, and can also cause dead patches, to say nothing of their painful bites! Rely on our expert team to keep these pests under control! We have bug removal services for all of the major pests plaguing your garden and outdoor pest control maintenance plans to keep them from coming back.

Sprinkler Installation & Repair

You can keep your lawn looking beautiful year round with a custom sprinkler system. Our experienced technicians can install your system for you. We use only high quality sprinklers and tailor each system to your unique property. Add a timer to take the hassle out of remembering to water. If problems arise with your existing system, we’ll send our team out to restore it to working order. It couldn’t be easier to have a beautiful lawn with one of our professional sprinkler systems!


If you would love to add an eye-catching water feature to your yard or garden, then you may be considering adding a waterfall to your property. But who can you call to add such a luxurious and relaxing feature to your home? If you want the job done fast, right, and for the best price then you can call us. Our landscaping team excels at adding new water features to homes. We work with your existing design to fashion something that you will love while making sure that it 100% fits your home’s outside decor. Call now to learn more.

Flower Bed Control

If you have ever cared for a flower bed, then you know the challenges that it creates. Between keeping your flowers alive, the garden looking great, and the weeds from choking your other plants, it can feel like a full-time job leaving you too tired to enjoy your work. So why not leave the hard part to us? Our team specializes in providing full flower bed control. We’ll keep it watered, clean of weeds, and will do everything we can to protect it so that your flowers last longer. Sit back and give us a call.

Tree Diagnostic tests

We evaluate the tree(s), 10 point diagnostic check, and then we do a compaction test, pH, soil and moisture test, then we see if your trees are planted too deep. We look for signs of sun scald, insects, fungus, and Slime Flux Disease. We can also do a sprinkler inspection to check to see if your sprinklers are hitting the trunks of your trees, because this can cause your trunks to rot. We use a Shigometer to test the sap flow of your tree to determine if the tree can be saved; this gives your trees the best diagnostic!!

Tree Arborist

Do you want the best for your trees and plant growth? Then call our company for the expertise of a trained and certified Tree Arborist. We use our knowledge to help understand what factors may be affecting the health and safety of your trees. We will help you discover invasive animals and plants, flaws that may affect the health of your trees, as well as make recommendations on easy changes you can implement to foster longer-term plant growth. To learn more, give us a call today.

Sprinkler Repair

Do you have sprinklers on your property that don’t work as they should? Before you consider expensive replacements, why not call us for fast and effective repairs. We specialize in understanding what has gone wrong with your sprinklers and sprinkler systems and providing effective repairs that will undo any damage we discover and offer you a longer lifespan for your sprinklers. With warmer weather coming soon, your yard and landscaping need functional sprinklers to stay in great health. Call us today for help.

Palm Tree Care

Do you have palm trees on your property that you want to keep in the best condition possible? Then call today and ask about our palm tree care service. We specialize in meeting the unique needs of palm trees and will offer services and consultations that will keep your palm trees in the best look and shape that you’ve ever experienced. We offer pruning, landscaping, and even replanting as needed so that you can enjoy your palm trees all year long. To learn more, give us a call.


Do you want to add exciting and attractive features to your yard? Are you ready to experience enhanced visual appeal for your property? Then call us today for our landscaping services. We excel at providing our clients with natural and man-made features and additions that will add beauty and comfort to your outdoor areas. Whether you are decorating a garden at your private home, enhancing the look of a public park, or even providing decorations and lighting so you can enjoy your yard at all times of the day, then you can count on us for help. Call today to learn more.